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The River is rising…

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts about SAP River, SAP’s new language to develop native applications on SAP HANA. In this first post I’ll give you a short introduction into what River is and what it’s advantages are. In following posts I’ll cover topics like:
  • Installing River on your HANA server and in HANA Studio,
  • How to build a simple data model in River,
  • How to add business logic to this model and
  • How to consume the data using SAP UI5

 What is SAP River?

SAP River

To create an application you have to design and connect a lot of building blocks together:

  • your Data Model (including views, stored procedures, etc.),
  • your Business Logic,
  • your Access Control
Up until now, you had to develop all these parts in different locations and in different languages, at least most of it. With River, SAP now provides you with a new, single language with which you can build entire native SAP HANA backend applications in one single, coherent model. You can focus completely on what you intent to achieve with your application, while River will compile your model into the most efficient HANA objects:
  • HANA Database objects (Tables, Views, etc.),
  • Stored Procedures (SQLScript, JavaScript),
  • OData services and
  • XS access controls
The ‘only thing’ left to do :-) , is to build one or more (SAP UI5) User Interfaces on top of your OData Services.
SAP River will make the life of a developer on SAP HANA much easier!

In my next blog entry I will show you how to configure your HANA system and HANA Studio for SAP River.

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